• Zug                              Thompson Gallery
  • Miami                         Johnathan Schulz Gallery
  • New York                   Expo New York  represented by ArtBoxy
  • Berlin                          Finity Gallery


  • Frankfurt                   Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof
  • Berlin                          ArtCadia Gallery


  • Murnau                      Pulpo Gallery
  • Düsseldorf                 PhotoPopUp 2021
  • Berlin                          Artcadia Gallery
  • New York                   Robert Berry Gallery
  • Zürich                         Galerie 1489
  • Paris                            Maison Sensey


  • Essen                          Contemporary Art Ruhr – represented by Ahlemann
  • Hamburg                   Gallery 040


  • Leonberg                   Kunstquartier Leonberg
  • Düsseldorf                 ArtDynamic Galerie
  • Düsseldorf                 PhotoPopUp 2019
  • Miami                         Art Miami – represented by ArtBox Gallery, Zurich


  • Hamburg                   Galerie Zimmermann


  • Hong Kong                 Asian Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong
  • Stuttgart                      Galerie Zwinz


  • 2022 – Blank Wall Gallery – Winner Abstract – “Lamp“
  • 2022 – Digital Camera Magazine/UK – “Red Sea”
  • 2020 – Curator for Asian Art Association Singapore, March 2020
  • 2019 – Finalist fotoforum – Magazine – Topic Architecture “GGB”
  • 2018 – Viewbug San Francisco May 2018 – “On the Beach”
  • 2018 – Blank Wall Gallery, Athens – Winner of the “Winter” Contest – “Central Park”
  • 2017 – Asian Contemporary Art Show – Hong Kong – voted as best booth
  • 2015 – fotoforum – Magazine – Expertimental/Abstract “Times Square“
  • 2015 – Finalist 24th Global Trierenberg Super Circuit 2015 – Architecture – “Allianz Arena”
  • 2014 – Monochrome Award – Abstract – „Cars“

photopopupfair 2019
Exhibition May 5 - May 26, 2019

Gallery ``KUNST QUARTIER``, Leonberg

Invited by “KUNST STUTTGART INTERNATIONAL” to display 4 works showing 2 icon places of the city of Stuttgart and 2 samples of the “upside down” series.

May 2019
Fotoforum GGB

Fotoforum - 2/2019

Finalist in the fotoforum magazine (most prestigious German magazine for photography) challenge “architecture” based on extraordinary technique.

February 2019
Exhibtion November 9 - December 8, 2018

Galerie Zimmermann, Hamburg

The exhibition will feature 6 selected art works of his portfolio as well as local motives showing icon places in Hamburg all modified by his CMPB-technique.

November 2018
SAATCHI ART, Los Angeles / London - July 2018

SAATCHI ART, Los Angeles / London

Accepted by Saatchi Art, Los Angeles / London, the largest online art gallery and artist community in the world, to display selected photographic art work to the international art audience

July 2018
Curatorship VIEWBUG - May 2018

VIEWBUG, San Francisco / USA

Accepted curatorship at VIEWBUG, one of the largest, global online photography platforms

May 2018
Membership Stuttgart Art Association - January 2018


Elected to become member of “[KUN:ST INTERNATIONAL]”, the leading Art Association in Stuttgart/Germany

January 2018

Exhibition Gallery Zwinz - Stuttgart/Germany November 17 - December 30, 2017

Stuttgart meets Abstract

In the wake of his most recent exhibition at the Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong, Zwinz Gallery proudly presents “Stuttgart meets Abstract“, an exhibition of recent photographs by the renowned German photographer Jochen Cerny.

The exhibition will feature selected art work of his most recent “abstract” series as well as local motives showing well-known places in Stuttgart which have been modified by his technique.

November 2017
Hong Kong, September 21 - 24, 2017

Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong

Based on his most recent award-winning pictures in Europe, Jochen Cerny got invited for the first time to the 11th Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong, the most prestigious art event in Asia with more than 3500 art enthusiasts watching the exhibition.
While already attracting a considerable audience in Europe, his expectations are to get an experience how his photographs are perceived in Asia and to make his work accessible to a new audience.
Among his works, you will see a selection of “abstract” motives as well as shots representing his multicultural life story in various places around the world. His pictures are characterized by applying post-production techniques like Blur, PixSort and color manipulation without alienating the object.

September 2017
Hong Kong, August 2017

Exclusive interview in ExPat Living

Exclusive interview by Jochen Cerny explaining his photographic techniques and intentions as to how to attract his followers

August 2017
Austria - November 2015

Photo Award 2015

Allianz Arena

Finalist 24th Global Trierenberg Super Circuit 2015 – Architecture

November 2015
UK - July 2014

Photo Award 2014

Cars II

“Monochrome Awards 2014” – Abstract

July 2014