born in Düsseldorf/Germany, inherited his artistic skills from both his grandmother, a passionate photographer with a sense of extraordinary details in b/w art, and his father who worked as a marketing consultant together with top industry photographers.
Following his academic studies, he took his first attempts to become a professional photographer but opted for a career as an international investment banker instead.
It was only lately that he re-discovered his passion for photographic art. Following a catalyst re-union with one of the world’s most famous photographers, Andreas Gursky, a friend from his childhood days, who confirmed his talent, he got inspired to professionalize his photographic works.
Today Jochen’s style is characterized by his self-developed and perfected CMPB-technique which combines various individual post-production techniques into a unique art form in photography by digitally manipulating the colors of the underlying object without alienating the object itself. Newer works see a move into digital photo painting, an art form that differentiates his work from the classical photography. Photographs increasingly begin to resemble abstract paintings when exposure time and movement of the camera combine with a change in the aperture. Abstract shapes and objects are in the foreground Existing objects with their own artistic aesthetics become new works of art themselves through the recording technique used.

His pictures do not intend to tell a “story” in the traditional sense but rather than bringing more vibrancy to the object itself.

Due to his acquaintances, the impact of the so-called “Düsseldorfer Schule” is becoming obvious. Over the last years, his work gained specific traction with multiple awards in high-profile photo challenges like Trierenberg Circuit, Monochrome Awards, Fotoforum Magazine, and Viewbug. In addition, multiple exhibitions have been successfully launched in Germany, London, and Hong Kong where his work was strongly received by international art collectors and photo enthusiasts.

In 2019, Jochen has been appointed as a curator for the Asian Art Association in Singapore.

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